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GRETSCH G6229TG Limited Edition Players Edition Sparkle Jet BT

GRETSCH Limited Edition Players Edition Sparkle Jet BT

From the Gretsch Professional Collection comes a cutting-edge update.

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$ 3,000

For over 65 years the Gretsch Jet has been one of the most iconic guitars in rock ‘n’ roll history. Now, the all-new G6229TG Limited Edition Players Edition Sparkle Jet BT with Bigsby and Gold Hardware takes this legacy to new heights. For the Sparkle Jet BT, Gretsch starts with a select 1.85-inch-thick mahogany body and maple top combo that delivers a strong, balanced midrange. Strategic body chambering provides smooth attack and extended, harmonically lush bandwidth while reducing weight — which you’ll definitely appreciate during marathon gigs!

The limited-edition Sparkle Jet BT guitar is powered by Gretsch’s outstanding Broad’Tron BT-65 pickups. Designed by renowned pickup guru Tim Shaw, the BT-65 harnesses this guitar’s broad sonic range and flawlessly delivers its extended lows, powerful mids, and smooth, clear high end in a masterful display of full-spectrum fidelity and wall-shaking power. The limited-edition G6229TG Sparkle Jet BT comes in two new finishes—Champagne Sparkle or Ocean Turquoise Sparkle with black pickguards—both of which are sure to turn heads.

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