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Evercade VS

Evercade Announces Its VS Retro Home Gaming Console

Blaze Entertainment expects to have over 280 games available to play on its Evercade ecosystem by the end of 2021.

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As a made-for-TV-play version of their handheld device released in 2020, the latest product offered by Evercade, the Evercade VS is specifically designed for retro gaming via a TV screen. The Evercade VS is designed for output of 1080p, up to four-wired USB controllers, and promises “top-of-the-line emulation.” Evercade VS was launched by UK-based company Blaze Entertainment. It is a follow-up to the company’s aforementioned hand-held system the Evercade. The hand-held Evercade console runs games via an HDMI port and cartridges. The most popular games on this system were classic favorites like Namco and Atari. Unfortunately, gameplay was relegated to single-player.

The Evercade VS version allows for multiplayer capacity to fix this issue. The hand-held cartridges used on the Evercade will work on the Evercade VS, with the exception of the Namco Museum collections as they are hand-held exclusive games. Using the Evercade VS, gamers can play up to two cartridges and 40 games at once. There are currently 260 Blaze Entertainment games, available on 20 different cartridges on the market with plans in the works for new releases as well. This gaming system will launch on November 3rd, 2021, with preorders starting on May 28th.

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