Flip Grip

Flip Grip Vertical-Mode Nintendo Switch Case

Play video games in vertical mode seamlessly and comfortably with the Flip Grip Nintendo Switch Case.

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Play video games comfortably in vertical mode with the Flip Grip Vertical-Mode Nintendo Switch Case. With “new” old-school video game titles coming out on a weekly basis, the Nintendo Switch has become the go-to machine among serious gamers when it comes to playing classic games on-the-go. For even more vintage authenticity, many Switch-compatible re-releases, such as those from Namco and SNK, include display options that enable players to rotate the game’s display 90 degrees. This recreates the play of arcade cabinet games, such as Punch-Out!! and Galaga, that originally featured vertical-mode screens.

Say goodbye to the limitations of the Switch Joy-Con rail controller with the Flip Grip. The Switch was designed for use in horizontal mode and horizontal mode only. Although a few PSP games did allow for vertical rotation, players are forced to contend with the Joy-Con’s steadfast horizontal positioning. (In other words, they had to grip controls at the top and bottom of the screen, makes for a gaming experience that is awkward to say the very least.)