Alienware Concept UFO Handheld Gaming PC

Alienware Unveils A Portable PC Gaming System at CES

The Alienware concept offers a first look at a mobile gaming platform that can either be docked into a CPU or used as handheld console.

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Despite rapid advancements in technology reshaping its possibilities, one of the most persistent issues with PC gaming has been portability. Laptop gaming only offers so much freedom and usually, high-end gaming laptops are bulky and extremely heavy. That’s why the Alienware Concept UFO Handheld Gaming PC sets its sights on reshaping that paradigm. Designed to directly compete with portable gaming systems like the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Vita, this setup aims to be the first true PC gaming system you can easily take wherever you go.

The system comes with the CPU built into the back of a monitor. On the side there are controller attachments, similar to the Nintendo Switch, only you will have far more options for adjusting the controller’s settings based on your needs as a gamer. It also can be snapped into a smaller controller or docked to a  CPU to configure onto any HDMI compatible TV.

Alienware’s effort to free gamers from the shackles of their desks is currently in concept mode. Presently, there are no exact specifics to the system, but it does pull back the curtain for what may be coming out in the near future.