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Razer Tomahawk Gaming PC

The Razer Tomahawk Is A High-Performance Gaming PC In A Compact Package

The modular design of the Razer Tomahawk Gaming PC lets gamers, streamers, and PC users customize a computer that meets their needs.

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You can normally spot a gaming PC from a mile away. Typically, their designs are created to set themselves apart from a conventional computer. The Razer Tomahawk Gaming PC wants to make its design especially unique by bringing in something new and fresh. With a small build form factor, this gaming PC looks more like a designer speaker system than a PC tower containing high-performance graphics cards, processors, and other gaming hardware. Yet this small configuration comes packed with top of the line specs powered by an Intel 9th Gen i9 8-Core processor designed to meet the demands of the games, streaming platforms, software, and everything else in between.

The modular design makes it easier than ever before to design and build your own computer made to meet your unique needs. Instead of piecing together equipment in order to fit into your current rig, the Tomahawk makes it possible to snap in and snap out hardware. So if you’re tired of constantly needing to buy new setups just to upgrade one aspect of your system, the Razer Tomahawk Gaming PC is the answer.