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Atari Mini PONG Jr.

Mini PONG Jr., A Portable Version Of The Classic Arcade Game

Atari brings a high-tech yet retro ‘80s arcade experience to your home.

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Atari has announced the release of Atari Mini PONG Jr., one of its most iconic games, now in a portable gaming machine format. Partnering with  UNIS Technology Ltd., Atari will be launching the Atari Mini PONG Jr. in time for the holidays. This new version sounds and feels like the original, with retro sound effects, a 7.9 inch LCD screen and physical dials to control the paddles.

All of the joy of the 1980s is here — with PONG Jr. there is local multiplayer support so you can play with a pal. If you’re solo, you’ll also be able to play against AI with 10 different AI level settings to choose from. The PONG Jr. connects via a USB cable and adapter but has the option of using three rechargeable lithium batteries for portable use. Some say it’s the game that started the videogame revolution. Play it again or discover for the first time!