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Wearables have shot up in popularity over the past decade. It started with the Fitbit, but now there is so much available in the wearable tech space, giving consumers more options than just a simple device worn on your wrist. They track stats like steps you take, heart rate, and can even give you insights into how well you sleep. The capabilities of wearables continue to become more impressive every year.

The term “wearables” actually was coined in the 60s, when Manfred Clynes came up with the phrase in a sci-fi story he wrote. It was still the stuff of imagination and gadgets, mainly in James Bond movies, until watches with features like calculators and fitness trackers started hitting the market in the 80s and 90s. Then in the 2000s, when smartwatches became a normal thing you might wear from major companies like Apple and Samsung, the category of wearables expanded considerably. Let’s look at some of the most innovative wearables you can buy today.

Airpop Active+ Halo Smart Mask

With the Covid-19 pandemic becoming our new reality in 2020 and into 2021, the mandatory accessory quickly became the mask. The Airpop+ Halo Smart Mask isn’t your ordinary mask though. It’s connected to the Airpop App and Halo sensor which charts your rate of breathing. The app also monitors the filter that is a part of the mask, so you know when you need to replace it. The patented design of this style of n95 respirator mask is geared towards filtering out airborne particle and the app will tell you the state of the air quality around you. It’s truly an advanced method of mask-wearing that will keep you safe and protected in the most comfortable mask you can buy.

Honor Band 6 Smart Wristband

As an all-in-one activity tracker that is also waterproof, the Honor Band 6 Smart Wristband is going to be your go-to fitness wearable. If you tend to be rough on wearable wrist devices, and don’t want to break the bank on an AppleWatch, then the Honor Band is the one you want to buy. It’s going to keep track of health functioning like 24-hour heart rate monitoring, has a sports mode that works in any activity from running to swimming, and will give you messaging reminders. That’s just the tip of the iceberg on what this wearable can do. The touchscreen is easy to use with the device coming in three different colors- coral, black, and gray.

Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch

If you’re used to drinking your Gatorade, you may be surprised to learn that the company is about more than just sports drinks. The Gatorade GX Sweat Patch is going to track your workout routine on a whole new level. It’s a patch you wear that is connected to the Gatorade Gx App during any workout that’s twenty minutes to 2 hours long. By charting your sweat level (sodium concentration) you can see the colors change through a chart on the patch, which should be placed on the inside of your left forearm. Then after you are done working out, the app will tell you how many fluids you need to drink (Gatorade, naturally), the amount of protein you should eat, and how much you should stretch to effectively recover from your workout.

Oura Ring

If you hate wearing a tracking device on your wrist, you may enjoy wearing a smart ring a lot more. The Oura Ring is the one you should go with since they have pioneered this form of wearable tracking jewelry. It tracks all the regular fitness and health markers that a wristband does, including sleep, readiness, and activity, in a comfortable lightweight titanium ring through the Oura App. Some of the other features are that the Oura Ring is water-resistant and has a 7-day battery life. The ring is custom created to be your size with a special ring sizing kit the company will send out to you before you order the wearable. It comes in a silver, black, matte black, or gold finish.

Aether Audio Sunglasses

Want a pair of stylish sunglasses that do more than just protect your eyes from the sun? Of course, you do. These Aether Audio Sunglasses are open ear audio technology that allows you to listen to your favorite music or podcasts without having to wear annoying earbuds. Not only do they come in many different styles and colors to suit your face shape, but with the tap of your finger to the side of the frames, it turns on a world of top-notch audio that is connected by Bluetooth to your devices. The non-polarized lenses offer 100 percent UV protection with a scratch-resistant coating. If you would prefer just regular glasses, Aether makes those as well.


Want a “hug for your mind?” That’s the tagline of the new Cove, a wearable device with “stress canceling technology.” You’re probably wondering now, what exactly is stress canceling technology? This is a device that is worn around the back of your head and hooks over your ears to provide a gentle vibration that soothes anxiety. It was developed in conjunction with researchers at Brown and Harvard Universities to improve sleep quality and reduce stress. They compare using the Cove device to developing a routine of quiet meditation. The calming benefits last for a few hours after wearing the device on a daily basis for at least 20 minutes per session. In this crazy and anxious world, having a wearable that reduces stress sounds like a no-brainer.

Tap Strap 2

If you work on a laptop or tablet all day long for work, it might benefit you to try out a Tap Strap 2. This is a wearable device that goes on your fingers which controls your keyboard, mouse, and will allow you to make air gesture commands with virtual reality consoles. It can even work with your smart tv, projectors, or smartphone. Anything that uses a wireless Bluetooth connection will work with the Tap Strap 2. You just tap your fingers on any surface to use it with all your devices. Wear it on either your left or right hand, and the company has a handy measurement chart to figure out what size you’ll need.