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BMW Skytop Concept

BMW Skytop Concept Car Breaks New Ground In Automotive Design

A halo car to drool over.

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BMW’s status as one of the leading luxury car manufacturers has seen driving assembly technology and design in exciting new directions over the decades. The brand’s unique approach to engineering, ergonomics, and striking aesthetics has resulted in several eye-catching models, culminating in their latest announcement of the BMW Skytop Concept.

An open two-seater with a sporty elegance and high-tech detailing, the BMW Skytop Concept is one of the brand’s most muscular, rugged cars in some time. There’s an element of classical luxury in its smooth lines and robust form, reflected in the brand’s unveiling of the car at the Concorso d’Eleganza at the Grand Hotel Villa d’Este on Lake Como.

Revealed alongside the M Hybrid V8 Art Car, it delivers plenty of power under the hood. A beefy 617 hp twin-turbo V8 engine ensures optimal performance and handling on winding mountain roads. At the same time, the BMW Skytop Concept is a fully contemporary car, with all the technological trimmings enthusiasts have come to expect from luxury vehicles, from slim LED lights to futuristic interior displays.

Eschewing the cluttered front grilles that characterize many modern luxury cars, its chrome-style paintwork and classy leather retractable roof emphasize traditional luxury cars, accentuated by the continuation of reddish-brown leather detailing throughout the interior design.

The Skytop is intended to become a handbuilt collector’s item. If the board approves the proposal, the first of no more than 50 items (although one source suggested 100) should be completed at the new coachbuilding wing of the automaker’s Dingolfing factory late next year. Incorporating the latest iDrive infotainment system and automatic transmission shifter, the BMW Skytop Concept looks set to challenge preconceptions of what the manufacturer is capable of.

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