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'BMW: Behind The Scenes'

‘BMW: Behind The Scenes’ – A Fascinating Journey Through BMW’s Design History

The set presents a richly illustrated overview of the company and its cars.

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Car aficionados and collectors of limited edition books are well-served when it comes to luxury books exploring the history and engineering of iconic automobiles. The latest must-have release in this category is the new three-book set, BMW: Behind The Scenes, available in an exclusive, author-signed first edition.

Each of the three included books walks through the extensive history of BMW, covering a wealth of fascinating information accompanied by crisp and vibrant photographs across the combined 570 pages. Book one, titled BMW By Design, explores the past, present, and future of the luxury German car manufacturer’s approach to design and showcases the creators at work.

The second volume, BMW’s Hidden Gems, shifts focus onto the hidden gems of BMW’s background, revealing previously unseen cars and impressive artwork by Paul Bracq, the company’s maestro designer. If you’re curious about the evolution and design process of unreleased cars such as the BMW Z1, this volume offers a unique insight into this and many more.

Wrapping up this three-volume limited edition is the BMW: Art By Design entry, which brings together many of the manufacturer’s creative highlights. A raft of high-quality design sketches and concept art brings these innovative creations to life, with first-hand accounts from BMW’s core design team placing them in their relevant context.

The BMW: Behind The Scenes limited edition book set comes beautifully presented in a handcrafted slipcase box to ensure these large format books remain pristine over time. With just 1500 author-signed and numbered copies available, it’s a must for car and luxury book enthusiasts.

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