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Co-Engineered With Leica Camera, JMGO Releases The 01 Pro Ultra-Short Throw Projector

Together, Leica and JMGO want to take the home cinema experience to a new level with innovative and high-quality products, like the JMGO 01 Pro.

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Leica Camera has partnered with JMGO, a company that specializes in the production of smart projectors and laser TVs, to produce the JMGO 01 Pro. This device is a new state-of-the-art projector for home entertainment. The JMGO 01 Pro features an ultra-short throw capability where users can enjoy an uninterrupted viewing and home cinema experience. With Leica’s assistance, the total throw ratio of the 01 Pro is 0.21:1, with brightness at 1,250 ANSI lumens, a picture distortion rate less than 0.5, and a contrast ratio at 6,000:1. Also, Leica apparently had a say in the contrast, color reproduction, sharpness, noise reduction, and more.

The 01 Pro also comes with powerful 10W Dynaudio speakers in a large sound cavity, which should produce enhanced cinematic audio. Users will also find two additional “AI cameras” on this machine: The front camera is for gesture control and brightness adjustment, whereas the rear camera is for auto frame fitting when using the device with an ambient-light-rejecting screen. Thanks to the ultra-short throw design this FHD 4k compatible projector provides a massive 70” to 110” screen size when placed just 9 inches away from the wall or projection screen. The JMGO 01 Pro is crowdfunding on Indiegogo and is expected to ship in September of this year.

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