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RayShot: The 4G Gimbal Smart Camera With Android OS

The RayShot is integrated with 4G data access for smooth content sharing and data transmission for quick uploading.

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Designed to usher in a new age of smart filming, the RayShot claims to be the most innovative pint-sized gimbal 4G camera on the market today. It is integrated to create a smooth transition of data access and content sharing for lightning-fast uploading when shooting in every environment. Users can utilize their phone as a digital monitor while this product streams, saves shots, or uploads, allowing them to keep an eye on what’s going on via RayShot’s built-in screen.

RayShot has been described as smarter than a pan-tilt camera and more powerful than a cell phone. It is in essence the best of both worlds, offering not only a high-quality FHD camera but also 4G connectivity. Its cellular connectivity allows users to connect to the camera anytime, anywhere. There is never a user limit based solely on hotspots or WiFi capacity. RayShot has a built-in Android system that supports a 4G Nano-SIM card, ensuring super-fast stream time and upload and transfer speed. Users can also live-stream directly to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more. The RayShot camera also enables users to make real-time video calls, live broadcasts, streams, and voice calls through various apps. This is possible when users download Android apps from the Play Store that allows them to share video and/or voice calls with friends, family members, and more. The crowdfunding campaign for RayShot is ongoing on Kickstarter and it will ship out in July of this year.

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