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Ilford Sprite 35-II

Ilford Revives The Point-And-Shoot 35mm Film Camera With The Sprite 35-II

A revival of the 1960s-era Sprite 35, the 35-II is a rather faithful reproduction of the classic, beloved camera.

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The Ilford Sprite 35-II film camera takes photography old-school. In today’s world of high-tech digital cameras, sometimes it is nice to remember when photography was as simple as winding the film and pressing the shutter. The Ilford Sprite is a fully-functioning film camera, akin to the point-and-shoot models that were made before digital took over. A basic and easy-to-use camera, it requires no specialized knowledge to wind the film, check the viewfinder and press the button to take a picture. With a fixed-focus wide-angle lens, it is easy to line up a subject and snap the shot. For nighttime shooting, the camera also has a built-in flash with 15-second recycle time.

The Ilford Sprite 35-II’s functionality is complemented by a retro design that’s authentic to the era when these cameras were used — the box shape is complete with a silver-and-white color scheme. Anyone who remembers cameras from several decades ago will instantly recognize this design. All that is needed to operate the manual-wind Sprite 35-II camera is a battery for the flash and some film. Load your color negative film for snapshots, or put in black and white film for some moody images. Either way, you’ll instantly remember what taking a picture used to be like before we were able to immediately post to Instagram.

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