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Polaroid Go

Polaroid’s New Pocket-Sized ‘Go’ Is The World’s Smallest Instant Analog Camera

Available in a classic white colorway, the Polaroid Go leans on Polaroid’s iconic heritage of design while creating a new format of instant cameras for a new generation.

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$ 120

Holding the distinction of being Polaroid’s smallest analog instant camera to date, the new Polaroid Go packs quite a punch in a diminutive package. While it serves as a condensed version of the brand’s Polaroid Now, which was launched last year, it has a few additions that make it unique in its own right. One of the new features includes the selfie mirror, which adds to its appeal to the social media-savvy crowd. The camera also boasts an improved 750mAh battery, with handy standard features like a self-timer, perfect for group shots.

Polaroid, the pioneer of instant photography, enjoyed immense global popularity in the last century. However, with the rise of smartphone technology and increased movement towards digital photography, the brand lost its appeal. It appears that Polaroid is now enjoying a renaissance of sorts thanks to a renewed interest in instant photography on a printed sheet. The Polaroid Go is available for pre-order now and will officially launch on April 27th, with a purchase limitation of five per customer. Measuring 4.1 inches long, 3.3 inches wide, and 2.4 inches tall, the Polaroid Go is made to easily slip into a pocket or purse for easy access while on the move.

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