JMGO Launches The N1 Ultra - 4K Triple Color Laser Gimbal Projector Co-Created With Dynaudio - IMBOLDN
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JMGO N1 Ultra 4K Laser Projector

JMGO Launches The N1 Ultra – 4K Triple Color Laser Gimbal Projector Co-Created With Dynaudio

The projector boasts 4,000-lumen brightness and a unique gimbal design.

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$ 1,400+

JMGO has taken the projector industry by storm with its latest launch, the N1 Ultra, a 4K triple color laser gimbal projector with MALC triple color laser optics, 4000 ANSI lumens, 1600:1 contrast ratio, and 110% BT.2020. JMGO has created the MALC (Microstructure Adaptive Laser Control) technology that has pushed the boundaries of high-end projectors. With nine patents applied to this compact light source, the MALC technology has raised the bar for brightness and color reproduction.

The N1 Ultra projects immaculate detail and 4K UHD resolution at 3840 x 2160 with 8.3 million distinct pixels from cutting-edge laser technology on a 100 inches – 150 inches massive screen for a true cinematic experience. The projector has a remarkable contrast ratio that ensures it projects significantly more details into deep shadows and bright lights, making it the perfect choice for movie lovers.

The N1 Ultra comes with Android TV 11, making it easier to enjoy all the entertainment you love. Stream from your favorite apps, play music and games, cast from any device, and more. It also has MEMC technology that provides low-latency gaming with smooth actions, making it a great choice for gamers.

JMGO has co-created the N1 Ultra with leading audio brand Dynaudio. The 10W*2 sound system of N1 Ultra features 45Hz Extreme Low-Frequency Bass and is certified by Dolby Audio and DTS decoding for better sound reproduction. The powerful sound system and the breathtaking visuals make for a natural and comfortable viewing experience.

The N1 Ultra is equipped with 3D TOF sensors and CMOS Hi-res Cameras, working with the smart recognition algorithms by JMGO based on users’ feedback & experience. It will detect and adapt to the environment effortlessly. The packaging of N1 Ultra is made of EPP environmental-friendly material, which can be reused as a carrying case with a handle and great protection. The JMGO N1 Ultra, currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, has set a new standard for high-end projectors, making it an extremely competitive player in the market. It’s a must-have for anyone who wants a true cinematic experience.

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