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NOMVDIC R150 Smart Portable LED Projector

NOMVDIC R150 Smart Portable LED Projector

An excellent choice for anyone who wants a high-quality, portable projector for home entertainment, gaming, or business presentations.

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$ 299

The R150 Smart Portable LED Projector is the latest release from NOMVDIC. The R150 is compact and portable, yet it is powerful enough to project a clear and vivid image on any surface. Users can enjoy a high-quality viewing experience, whether watching a movie, playing a video game, or giving a presentation. Its built-in battery lasts for up to seven hours of music and four hours of movie time.

One of the standout features of the NOMVDIC R150 Smart Portable LED Projector is its 1.2 throw ratio, enabling the R150 to project a 100″ screen from only 2.6m away. You can easily connect the projector to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which means you can stream content from your favorite apps or websites without the need for cables or adapters. The projector also has an HDMI port, and a USB-C port, which gives you even more options for connecting your devices.

The R150 projector has a cylinder shape with a 90° rotating lens that enables flexible angle adjustments for projections onto any surface – all you need is a simple twist. Freely place the R150 on a side table or anywhere from above, below, or the side. The H/V keystone and 4 corner adjustment capabilities make this device incredibly flexible.

Integrated with stereo speakers customized by Harman Kardon, the R150 is a portable powerhouse that delivers crisp and room-filling sound for watching movies, live concerts, or sports. The projector also comes with a remote control, which makes it easy to control from a distance. The NOMVDIC R150 Smart Portable LED Projector is available for purchase for $299 on the company’s website.

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