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Nothing Ear (2)

Nothing Teases A Peek At The Nothing Ear (2)

The new earbuds are scheduled to launch on March 22nd.

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The first generation of Nothing Ear (stick) Buds was praised as being one of the most ergonomically comfortable earbuds ever released, with impressive dynamic range, pressure-relief vents, a mighty 11.6mm speaker driver, and up to 34 hours of listening time, with 4 hours at a time.

The new generation, Nothing Ear (2), might not get you through a whole work day but it gets you a lot closer to it with a 6-hour play time, smaller weight, and adding Qi charging and a 36-hour charger case. With earbud competition growing fiercer by the day, these even lighter headphones will light up the competition with sparkling low-latency sound and a water-resistant IPS4 design.

Feature sets are continuing to get better, with a design that rightfully keeps getting better. High-visibility dots on each earbud will improve the distinction between the left and right buds before you put them in. The microphone is relocated to the top of the stem, reducing both electromagnetic and wind interference, and making the noise rejection software work more efficiently.

With a release event scheduled for March 22nd to celebrate Nothing Ear (2), you won’t have to wait very long before these premium earbuds are ready to buy. These sleek, stylish earbuds represent a leap forward over their predecessors and bring the Nothing Ear (2) into line with other premium earbuds.

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