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'The Ocean Club' by James Reginato

Assouline’s Latest Release: ‘The Ocean Club’ by James Reginato

The book explores the rich history of this renowned Four Seasons property.

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Whether you’re a tropical paradise-lover or someone who is building an impressive collection of books, The Ocean Club by James Reginato is a welcome addition to any bibliophile’s library. Assouline has been publishing special edition, luxury books since 1994. The Ocean Club, hitting shelves in March 2023, is the latest book exhibiting Assouline’s quality.

The Ocean Club’s release celebrates the history of the popular, luxury Four Seasons resort located in the Bahamas. The Ocean Club has been a symbol of wealth and extravagance, hosting many celebrities, weddings, and government officials over the years. Not only has the hotel hosted a high-profile clientele, but it has also been the location of two Bond movies – Thunderball in 1965 and Casino Royale in 2006.

Even if you haven’t had the chance to experience The Ocean Club in person, you’re sure to enjoy the gorgeous photos of the resort’s terraced gardens, Franciscan monastery, and breathtaking ocean views. The book transports readers to a relaxing, serene locale while conveying the rich history of this luxury resort.

The Ocean Club features Assouline’s quality hand-tipping style, which involves cutting, gluing, and putting each photo on the page individually. Each book is hand bound with thick pages and a silken hardcover. The book is 180 pages with over 100 illustrations and photographs and includes a unique imprint of the artisan. Retailing for $120 on Assouline’s website, it’s hefty at 6 lbs and 10.5in x 14in x 1in.

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