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Smith 2024 Bike Helmets

Smith Unveils Cutting-Edge Bike Helmets For 2024

These helmets offer cyclists the ultimate protection and comfort on the road.

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As the company name implies, Smith Optics is, first and foremost, committed to manufacturing a range of eyewear covering everything from prescription glasses to high-performance shades for winter sports. Dig a little deeper, however, and the brand also has an extensive selection of accessories and apparel, including helmets for cyclists of all descriptions. The new line of Smith 2024 Bike Helmets comes in a broad selection of styles and functionality, with each model utilizing cutting-edge in-mold construction and Zonal KOROYD® coverage for a lightweight, energy-absorbing impact.

The Triad, Mainline, Trace, Forefront, Payroll, Persist, Network, and Engage helmets deliver optimal fits through a dial-adjustable back, with a design geared toward integration with the company’s collection of eyewear and lenses.

Budget-friendly versions include the Engage and Persist, geared toward cyclists seeking a more casual helmet for a fast-paced lunch ride or weekender. At the same time, Smith’s Network variation’s rugged construction lends it to more serious trail riders. For more hardcore mountain biking, there’s the Payroll, which comes in an appropriate cameo design with an adjustable visor.

Smith’s next-generation approach to design shines through the Trace and Forefront 2, their award-winning helmets which use an integrated skeletal structure for enhanced strength. Rounding off the new collection of 2024 Bike Helmets is the Mainline, a fully padded helmet with washable pads and neck rolls that wearers can customize to their liking.

With each entry in the Smith 2024 Bike Helmets designed to serve a specific purpose, a model here caters to every cyclist’s needs.

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