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Smith Optics Network MIPS Helmet

Meet The Smith Optics Network MIPS Helmet: Safety, Style, And Innovation In One

Whether you’re chasing the thrill of uncharted trails or conquering new routes, this helmet is your ultimate companion.

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$ 170

For the modern adventurer who thrives on the excitement of uncharted paths and the rush of the unexpected, the Smith Optics Network MIPS Helmet is the ultimate companion. Designed to meet the demands of two-wheeled exploits, this versatile bike helmet is a game-changer that fuses style, safety, and innovation.

Safety takes center stage with the Smith Network Helmet. Crafted with cutting-edge technology, including KOROYD® and Mips®, it offers unrivaled protection and energy absorption, ensuring you’re prepared for any terrain. KOROYD® provides lightweight, ventilated impact protection, while the Mips® Brain Protection System minimizes rotational forces from angled impacts. With CPSC and CE EN 1078 certification, the helmet sets a new standard in safety.

Tailored for a seamless fit with Smith performance eyewear and goggles, the helmet guarantees maximum comfort, impeccable venting, and storage convenience. The AirEvac ventilation system works in tandem with Smith eyewear to eliminate lens fogging, allowing you to stay focused on the journey ahead.

A collection of features makes the Smith Network Helmet a standout choice. With 15 fixed vents ensuring consistent airflow, your head stays cool even during the most intense rides. The optional fabric visor adds a touch of style and functionality. The Ionic+® antimicrobial lining provides sweat-activated odor control, ensuring you remain fresh no matter how rugged the adventure. The lightweight, low-bulk single-layer webbing further enhances comfort.

Weighing in at just 11 ounces, the Smith Network Helmet offers feather-light wear that doesn’t compromise on performance. Available in a wide array of colors to match your style, this exceptional helmet is priced at $170, making it an investment in both safety and style.

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