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Smith Dispatch MIPS

Using Impact Protection MIPS Technology, Smith Launches The Dispatch Bike Helmet

The helmet features an integrated and rechargeable rear LED light that boosts visibility day and night.

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Bike helmets are going through a design renaissance right now. The Smith Dispatch bike helmet is at its forefront. This sleek, comfortable helmet has fashionable urban looks and size options for every head. The Dispatch helmet has all the features you want for urban riding. It comes in six designer colors, with a built-in brim, consistent safety, and customizable comfort features.

No one wants to get in a bike accident, but this helmet is one of the first in North America to meet the Dutch NTA-8776 “eBike” safety agreement. Smith uses MIPS technology and Koroyd material, their exclusive, to protect your head from rotational and impact shocks. With the higher and more consistent speeds of today’s e-bikes, the Smith Dispatch lives up to the Dutch promise of certified high-speed protection and delivers fashionable urban-helmet good looks.

Smith Optics designed its bike helmets, including the Dispatch, to work with their eyeglasses options. It eliminates fogging lenses and the resulting poor visibility. A 270-degree VaporFit™ adjustment system, an anti-microbial layer, and single-layer webbing mean this helmet fits better, stays comfortable in the heat, and needs less cleaning to ensure it smells good as the weather heats up.

On urban-focused helmets now, a rear light is practically necessary. The Dispatch MIPS helmet light is bright, detachable, rechargeable, and easily visible. If you want a new commuter helmet, try on the Smith Dispatch MIPS helmet. Its features, good looks, and comfort make it stand out in the crowded helmet market.

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