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Thousand Chapter MIPS Helmet

The Chapter MIPS Helmet Offers Modern Safety Features In A Vintage Package

A 50-lumen magnetic tail light brings added visibility to the Thousand Chapter MIPS Helmet for maximum safety.

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$ 135

You shouldn’t have to choose between riding in style or in comfort. The Thousand Chapter MIPS Helmet proves that the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Thanks to the one-handed magnetic fastener and the fine-tuned, integrated-dial system, you’ll be assured a snug, personalized fit. It’s definitely what you want in a cycling helmet.

Elegantly simple to the eye, the visored Thousand Chapter MIPS Helmet packs plenty more punch, not least in the form of the namesake MIPS integration cushioning that precious noggin of yours from injury when you’re cycling about. There’s more, too: this is a marvelously breathable piece of headgear thanks to eight vents and internal channeling. There’s a 50-lumen magnetic tail light for maximum safety. You can rest assured this snazzy piece of your bike kit stays firmly in your possession thanks to the Secret PopLock behind the logo, which can be threaded through with your chain or u-lock.