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FEND To Launch The FEND SUPER, Designed With Safety And Convenience In Mind

An ultra-portable and safety-certified bike helmet.

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The newest Kickstarter campaign brings convenience and safety together with the FEND SUPER helmet. The bike helmet is quickly taken from place to place with its foldable design. Ideal for commuters, the helmet offers a lightweight yet safe helmet with a minimal footprint. Although still in its early phases of development, the helmet is set to revolutionize the helmet industry with its attention to detail and ease of use.

The FEND SUPER helmet can be reduced by 50%, with foldable sides to pack into any backpack or bag. With the helmet open, it measures 220mm, and closed, it is a slim 110mm. Although it may be small, the helmet meets or exceeds all US CPSC & European EN1078 safety standards applicable to skateboards, bicycles, and scooters. For added safety, it also has an integral bright light that can be seen up to 800 meters away. The light is positioned on both the front and back of the helmet, providing increased safety features. The helmet has 12 vents for ventilation and is made with super-soft internal pads, which can be adjusted to create a perfect, customized fit.

The FEND SUPER helmet is available in three sizes; small, medium, and large. Additionally, the helmet is available in four colors, including charcoal, cloud, mint, and coral. The Fend Super is expected to start mass production in October, with the helmet scheduled to ship in December.

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