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Segway SuperScooter GT Series

Segway Super Scooter GT Series Gives Riders 55 Miles Of Range At 43 MPH

An electric scooter with racing performance built for the urban landscape.

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$ 2,499+

Segway unveils its new Super Scooter GT Series as a gas-free solution for short-distance commutes. This series of high-performing Segway electric scooters come in two variants, GT1 and GT2. Both models offer riders a fast and nimble two-wheeled means of transportation. The entry Segway Super Scooter GT1 features a 1-kWh battery pack providing up to 43.5 miles of range on a single charge. The battery fuels the scooter’s 1,400-watt electric motor mounted on the rear wheel of the GT1 scooter. Performance stats claim the GT1 Scooter accelerates from zero to 30 MPH in 7.5-seconds. Those looking for more power can opt for the Super Scooter GT2. This model uses dual 1,500-watt motors to achieve a claimed top speed of 43.5 mph and sprint from zero to 30 in 3.9-seconds. For comparison, the S1-X eSkootr, purpose-built to race in the eSkootr Championship racing league, reaches straight-line speeds of 60 mph.

Standard equipment on the Segway Super Scooter GT series is designed to cope with high-speed urban terrain. It rolls on 11-inch tubeless, puncture-resistant, tires designed with a layer of self-material to seal up holes. The spring suspension on the Super Scooter GT uses a double-wishbone at the front and a trailing arm at the rear. Braking is tasked to a set of double-piston 5.5-inch disc brakes. In addition, riders can adjust the scooter’s suspension from one of 15 different levels. The GT2 variant features air suspension as standard and a new SDTC system. This traction control system works by adjusting torque input between both electric motors.

These scooters offer riders a choice of four different drive settings: Park, Eco, Sport, and Race. Max payload for the Super Scooter GT is 330-pounds. Currently, the only way to order a Segway Super Scooter GT is on Indiegogo. The first deliveries are scheduled for August of this year.

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Segway Super Scooter GT Series

$ 2,499+
  • Battery Pack: 1-kWh
  • Motor(s): 1,400-1500 watts
  • Range: 43-55.9 miles
  • Top Speed: 43.5 mph