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STILRIDE 1 e-Scooter Is Built By Robots And Made From Recycled Stainless Steel

Lightweight, full of torque, and built using the latest tech.

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$ 16,380+

Stockholm-based STILRIDE unveiled a new electric sport utility scooter to the ever-expanding two-wheel mobility market. The 2024 STILRIDE 1 features a host of technological and practical hardware to be a compact means of personal urban transportation.

Starting with its build quality, the STILRIDE 1 uses a stainless steel monocoque frame. According to STILRIDE, the electric scooter is fabricated by robots using recycled Swedish steel. Moreover, the e-scooter features the company’s StilFold technology. As a result, the STILRIDE 1 tips the scale at 289 pounds.

Its power source comes from a 5.1-kWh battery pack integrated into the frame and a hub Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) mounted to the rear wheel. This powertrain produces eight horsepower and an impressive 115 lb.-ft of torque. These performance figures translated to a top speed of 60 mph and an expected range of 75 miles.

In addition, the STILRIDE 1 electric scooter has a non-adjustable suspension. Instead, it uses an inverted fork and linkage system to manage the bumps in the road and hydraulic disc brakes with two-channel ABS to stop while riding on 13-inch wheels. Other standard features include a proprietary Electric Vehicle Control Unit that interacts with smartphones using the STILRIDE app.

The 2024 STILRIDE 1 e-scooter availability will be announced this summer. Press photos of the scooter show the company’s limited production Founders Edition.

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$ 16,380+
  • Battery: 5.1-kWh
  • Max Range: 75 miles
  • Max Torque: 115 lb.-ft
  • Weight: 286 lbs.