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BMW CE 04 Vagabund Moto Is A Concept e-Scooter With A Metaphoric Surfboard

An e-scooter for sustainable urban living.

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BMW Motorrad Austria has collaborated with Vagabund Moto on a concept electric scooter targeted at younger generations. This concept scooter is called the BMW CE 04 Vagabund Moto, and it features a host of bespoke details, including a symbolic surfboard.

The principal design behind the BMW CE 04 Vagabund Moto is based on the motto “action meets fashion.” As a result, the concept e-scooter features a white, dark green, beige, and black color scheme. In addition, a smiley face can be seen on the front wheel and on the glass face of the indicator lights. Other features include a functional top case for storage space.

However, the largest detail is the surfboard mounted to the side of the e-scooter. Oliver Balzer, head of BMW Motorrad Austria, pointed out that the surfboard represents a symbol more than a literal function. “The surfboard isn’t just a piece of sports equipment: it’s also a metaphor for a sustainable urban lifestyle,” stated Balzer in an interview.

The foundation for this concept scooter is the BMW Motorrad CE 04. The standard CE 04 e-scooter produces a max output of  42 horsepower to accelerate from zero to 31 mph in under two seconds. Moreover, it offers an estimated range of 81 miles and only requires 65 minutes to charge from zero to 80% battery life without using a fast charger. A standard BMW Motorrad CE 04 is available on its website

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BMW CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept

  • Max Power: 20 hp
  • Max Torque: 45.7 lb.-ft
  • Top Speed: 75 mph
  • Curb Weight: 509 lbs.