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2003 Ferrari Enzo

Last “Still In The Wrapper” 2003 Ferrari Enzo Is Up For Auction With No Reserve

A Ferrari Enzo that’s never seen traffic.

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It takes a certain amount of discipline not to drive a sports car to preserve its originality. The owner of this 2003 Ferrari Enzo went to great lengths to conserve it, even going as far as never registering it for the road. Among the limited number of 399 (plus one for Pope John Paul II in 2004) produced, this Ferrari is considered the last one still “in the wrapper” with less than 150 miles on its odometer.

RM Sotheby’s is preparing to auction this rare and pristine 2003 Ferrari Enzo in mid-march with no reserve. In addition, while the car was originally sent to Japan after purchase, the next owner will have to pick up the car in Canada. Nevertheless, that’s a minor inconvenience to take ownership of what is essentially a brand-new 20-year-old Ferrari Enzo.

This Enzo, chassis number 132662, comes dressed in Argento Nurburgring (silver) paintwork with a Cuoio interior. The car looks like time forgot it as it still wears its protective packaging from the factory. For example, tape around the ignition key, plastic on the door sills, and plastic wrap around the gas and brake pedals. The spare key is still sealed in a Ziploc bag with the owner’s manual. Moreover, the three-piece luggage set included with the car is also unwrapped and in mint condition.

The RM Sotheby’s auction for this 2003 Ferrari Enzo is scheduled from March 15 – 17, with no reserve. Therefore, there is a non-zero chance that someone could get a deal on this car. However, considering it is an Enzo that’s never technically rolled off the lot, we can assume the bidding war will be fierce.

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