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Husqvarna Vektorr Concept

Vektorr Concept Is The First-Ever Husqvarna Electric Scooter

Husqvarna is introducing a line of electric motorcycles and scooters.

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Husqvarna Motorcycles has introduced a new line of electric-powered bikes and scooters for the urban mobility market. Starting with the E-Pilen Concept, a conventional e-bike using swappable battery technology, which can carry up to three 48 volt battery packs on its not-fuel tank. A rider can switch out these batteries while on the go. Husqvarna has also debuted an e-scooter named the Husqvarna Vektorr Concept. It uses the same 10.7-horsepower (8kW) motor as the E-Pilen. The Vektorr Concept has a top speed of 28 mph and can deliver a range of 62 miles.

The design of the Husqvarna Vektorr Concept took a sharp line approach. Looking at its profile, the only curves visible on this e-scooter are its wheels. Anyone living in Austria can physically see the Husqvarna Motorcycles E-Pilen and Vektorr Concept at the KTM Motor Hall in Mattighofen. Both bikes are currently part of a PIERER Mobility AG special exhibition. In addition to an e-bike and e-scooter, Husqvarna is also bringing an electric stand-up scooter called The Blitz Concept. The main target for these electric bikes is Europe. Husqvarna is currently looking to establish dealers in countries like Germany, Spain, France, and Italy. Places with large urban cities that can benefit from a new fleet of Husqvarna electric motorcycles.

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