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BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04

BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 Is An Electric Cyber Scooter Ready To Hit The Streets In The Near Future

BMW Motorrad’s first electric scooter promises to look almost identical to the concept design.

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The Definition CE 04 is gearing up to be BMW Motorrad’s first sit-on electric scooter. It is designed for the urban commuter who typically travels seven to eight miles per day. While not meant for long-distance travel, the CE 04 offers practical features. The flat battery powering the scooter sits to provide a lower center of gravity to ensure a better riding experience. Not having an engine under the rider’s seat offers a unique opportunity to store helmets and travel essentials inside the BMW electric scooter. Instruments are displayed on a 10.25-inch digital interface that can be connected to the rider’s smartphone.

The BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 wears a two-tone color scheme using Mineral White with orange accents over a matte black base. The scooter’s design makes one think of cyberpunk and is a fresh take on the shapely curvaceous Italian look one associates with scooters. It features a U-shaped front headlight and a C-shaped tail light. BMW states the final product will look similar to the preview concept, but a production date has not yet been released.