Brekr Model B

Brekr Model B

The scooter offers a smooth ride thanks to large wheels, a front suspension fork, and a uniquely designed rear suspension system.

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Anyone who has traveled to Amsterdam knows that bikes and scooters are the preferred method or transportation in the city. On the whole, the Netherlands is renowned for its electric alternatives to cars. Building on the basic premise of a scooter, the Dutch-made Brekr Model B takes its design far into the future. It combines a lightweight, durable, and strong aluminum frame that not only lets you maneuver more deftly but also allows the scooter to go further on its electric battery.

That’s right — this scooter of the future only uses a rechargeable battery to power it through city streets. Not only that, but its forward-thinking design gives you the capacity to add a second battery for an overall range of about 62 to 100 miles before needing to be recharged.

Hop on the Brekr Model B and enjoy a smooth ride thanks to the large wheels, front suspension fork, and uniquely designed rear suspension system. The low center of gravity and knee-gripping design mean that it’s easy to control — no matter how busy your surroundings are.