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Husqvarna VITPILEN 701

Husqvarna VITPILEN 701

Agile, compact, and incredibly powerful, the Husqvarna VITPILEN 701 changes what a street bike should be.

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The Husqvarna VITPILEN 701 takes the notion of a street bike and smashes it on its head. This immaculately designed piece of machinery gives a new outlook on urban motorcycling. While still agile and compact, the VITPILEN roars to life with a powerful single-cylinder engine. The overall impact is designed to combine minimalist sensibilities with incredible performance. This is the essence of what a motorcycle can and should be by providing a more hair-raising, pure, and honest experience to the seasoned rider.

The VITPILEN’s engine is a modern marvel of 692.7cc liquid cooled, single-cylinder action with the latest and greatest in design and electronics technology. It tops out at a peak 75hp with 72Nm of torque at 6750 rpm. Its electronic fuel injection works via a ride-by-wire system that delivers sharp, fast, and focused power in a standard traction control system. Other technical solutions include an up and down easy shift which provides a more enjoyable ride along with high-quality materials and finishes.

WP performance systems designed the bike’s suspension to obsessive standards of quality and craftsmanship. The front suspension includes upside down 43mm forks with a monoshock at the rear that is all connected through a link to the swingarm. Each component is then fully adjustable to suit vastly changing urban and road environments making for one sweet ride.