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Meet The Keen WK400 Walking Shoe

Designed with the intricacies of walking in mind.

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Keen has been in the business of hybrid footwear since 2003. They’re known for their durable and well-constructed footwear that can take on any type of weather or terrain. The Keen Men’s WK400 Walking Shoe is the latest innovation from the shoe manufacturer.

The Keen Men’s WK400 Walking Shoe has many of the trademark KEEN features like high traction rubber outsoles and generous toe room for an athletic fit. This shoe introduces the KEEN.CURVE technology, which gives the wearer a constant curved support ranging from the heel, all the way to the toe. KEEN.CURVE makes it feel like you’re being effortlessly propelled along, and it offers pure comfort without compromising on style.

Other key features of the WK400 Walking Shoe include anti-odor technology to keep your kicks fresh, a webbing loop at the heel making the shoe easy to get on, and offset lacing so that the laces don’t dig into the top of your foot. The mesh throughout the shoe makes them easy to care for. Concerned this may not be the right fit for you? Keen offers a 30-day trial, so you can feel confident that this is the right shoe for your lifestyle and comfort. The WK400 is currently offered in four colors, including the signature Keen Yellow/Black.

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