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Real Motors Project ARES

Welcome to The Future – Real Motors Project ARES Revealed

A fully functioning prototype of Real Motors’ proposed first product.

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$ 20,000

The market for electric vehicles is expanding rapidly, with each new design blending form and function with an eye-catching approach to ergonomic design. This is instantly evident when viewing the new Real Motors Project ARES motorbike, boasting a striking design that could have easily been lifted from the page of a science fiction book.

Billing the bike as a new step into the domain of electric analog, the Real Motors Project ARES is a fully functioning prototype of its proposed first product. It was built around the concept of timeless design that incorporates geometry, texture, and the sensation of power. Its sleek form, with its open side emulating naked bikes, surrounded by a smooth-lined body and raised seat, fully encompasses the creative ingenuity of the Real Motors team. With a dominant white color theme, offset by orange highlights that hug around the jet-black seat, it’s an electric motorbike that instantly stirs up a strong impression at a glance.

More than just a visually unique and arresting bike design, the Real Motors Project ARES bike also packs a powerful punch in terms of performance. It can accelerate from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in under four seconds. This power is matched by impressive longevity, with a range of up to 100 miles from just a thirty-minute charge. This makes the Real Motors Project ARES bike as ideal for weaving through heavy traffic as it is for exploring remote, winding country roads.

Components, battery and body will be made in China and assembled in the US, with the company looking for early adopters to snatch up the first batch of bikes, due for delivery late next year. The price point is expected to be around $20,000. If you want to get your hands on this bike when it comes to market, follow the Real Motors Project ARES on Instagram or sign up for its email waiting list to learn more.