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Verge Motorcycles Updated TS Ultra

Verge Motorcycles Updated TS Ultra Boasts Advanced Hardware And Software

Verge claims the TS Ultra is the ‘world’s first motorcycle with a sense of sight’.

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$ 60,000+

While dedicated motorbike enthusiasts have needed to catch up to electric bikes, manufacturers such as Verge Motorcycles have been developing models that offer compelling reasons to switch. Its iconic Verge Motorcycles Updated TS Ultra, like the TS Pro, Kakkinen, and California limited editions, illustrate how far electric motorbikes have evolved.

The Verge Motorcycles Updated TS Ultra has received a welcome update, building on its impressive 375km range and 0 to 100 km/h 2.5-second acceleration with additional cameras and improved software. Beginning with new front and rear radars, the upgrade also brings six high-definition cameras for improved safety.

Combined with powerful artificial intelligence analysis and machine learning, these sensors and cameras look set to become the most advanced electric superbike on the market. The brand’s Starmatter software covers four key elements, with the AI and Human-Machine-Interface and sensor technology joined by automatic over-the-air updates.

These new features give the Verge Motorcycles Updated TS Ultra a sense of sight, acting as a “whisperer” to the rider and allowing them to analyze their environment on the fly. The Starmatter Dash display dials the rider into this data with an intuitive user interface and instant hazard warning, automatically presenting the rearview mirror mode when a turn signal is activated.

Existing Verge TS Ultra owners don’t have to worry about forking over their hard-earned cash for a replacement, with the company promising delivery of the upgraded version to customers who have already placed their orders.

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