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ENVE Melee

New ENVE Melee Road Bike Has A Lightweight Frame That Can Handle Off-Road

A road bike that loves gravel.

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$ 5,500+

Bicycle manufacturer ENVE has released its first mass-produced road bike called the Melee. This new ENVE bicycle was developed, engineered, and tested in-house and claimed to be faster than its other model, the Custom Road. The new ENVE Melee is built on a monocoque design, much like the Custom Road. However, the Melee has narrower tube widths and refined tube shapes to improve aerodynamics. While intended to be used as a road bike, Enve states the new Melee offers off-road capability. The bike’s type clearance allows for 35mm of travel. Furthermore, the Melee was used by Alexey Vermeulen to win the BWR CA earlier this year in April. So it’s a road bike that offers a dual purpose.

Each Melee bike comes with a separate bar and an all-new integrated Road Stem. Instead of an integrated seat mast, the bike features a seat post allowing for greater flexibility in fit. This aero seat post is a Kamm tail design with a twin-bolt saddle rail clamp. Buyers can choose from seven off-the-shelf sizes ranging from 47cm to 60cm while having the option to customize their Melee bike. To further help the customer, ENVE created the Best-Fit Calculator tool designed to identify a rider’s frame size, stem length, space stack, and seat post combinations for a tailored-made bicycle. The ENVE Melee road bike is available now for worldwide markets.

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