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Factor Ostro Aero Road Bike

The Factor Ostro Aero Road Bike Aims To Be The Only Bike You’ll Ever Need

Factor Ostro Aero road bike weighs less than two pounds and is designed to slice through the air.

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$ 5,499+

The Factor Ostro Aero road endurance bike was debuted by the Israel Start-up Nation cycling team at the 2020 Tour de France. This bike is designed to cut through the air, being as aerodynamic as possible while delivering the smoothest ride over different road surfaces. Cycling News calls the Factor Ostro a “quiver killer,” meaning it can be multiple bikes in one. One of Factor’s most significant advantages to building a bike like this is that it can produce its own carbon fiber for research and development. 

Everything on this bike has been designed to improve aerodynamics. The Factor Ostro 54-inch O2 frame weighs less than two pounds. It also features a spaced caron fork structure, which reduces wake turbulence from rotating spokes. Factor built the Ostro with a relief channel-shaped into the fork crown to improve laminar airflow and disperse air-driven upwards by the front wheel’s rotation. The bike also provides low rolling resistance thanks to high-volume tires up to 32mm in width. The slim seat reduces the road vibrations over imperfect road surfaces. As a result, the Factor Ostro provides superior handling, secure braking, with all-day riding comfort.