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Breakaway Bike

The Breakaway Offers A Pro Workout For Those With Limited Space

In less than a minute, set up the Breakaway for a ride at any time.

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$ 399+

The Breakaway is not your ordinary stationary bike. For those who have always wanted an in-home exercise bike but didn’t have the room for one, this compact, stow-away bike could be just the answer. The Breakaway folds up to the size of a carry-on bag and can fit easily under a bed or in a closet. When you’re ready to ride, simply adjust the ultra lightweight Breakaway to your height and resistance and you’re ready to go — all in less than one minute.

Use any of your favorite training software or classes with the built-in Bluetooth connection. Track your performance on every ride through the advanced sensor. The Breakaway is made from the same materials as the bikes professional cyclists use, so you can be sure of its durability. This ultra compact, highly functional exercise bike will not only save you a trip to the gym, but it will allow you to retain your personal space. The Breakaway is currently being crowdfunded through Indiegogo.