Morgan Super 3 Brings Back The Classic Three-Wheeler Look With A Modern Aluminum Monocoque And Waterproof Interior - IMBOLDN
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Morgan Super 3

Morgan Super 3 Brings Back The Classic Three-Wheeler Look With A Modern Aluminum Monocoque And Waterproof Interior

Available with over 200 accessories.

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$ 46,800+

The Morgan Motor Company opened its doors in 1909 and unveiled its three-wheeler as its first car. Over a century later, the famous Morgan three-wheeler is returning as a new generation. This new vehicle is called the Morgan Super 3, and it’s been modernized with new materials and a new engine to meet global crash and emission standards – a retro soul, powered by new tech.

The engine powering the Morgan Super 3 is a 1.5-liter three-cylinder derived from Ford called the “Dragon.” The same engine featured in the Ford Bronco Sport minus a turbocharger. The naturally-aspirated Dragon engine produces 118-hp and 110 lb.-ft of torque to move the Super 3’s curb weight, less than 1,500-pounds. As a result, the Morgan Super 3 is rated at a top speed of 130 mph with a zero to 60 mph time of seven seconds – on three wheels.

Morgans are typically made out of the same material used to make canoes, but the Morgan Super 3 is the company’s first vehicle made with super-formed aluminum monocoque. This new monocoque is bolted to a cast aluminum structure that holds the engine and provides the landing points for the car’s multi-link front suspension. The Super 3 features 20-inch alloy wheels at the front and a single 15-inch steel rear wheel. The rear suspension uses coil-over shocks for stability and grip.

The Morgan Super 3 does not have a roof or doors, so the interior is designed with the elements in mind. Buyers can choose an optional vegan technical fabric that claims to be 100 percent waterproof and resistant enough to be cleaned with bleach. Or they can have the seats trimmed with water-resistant leather. In addition, the Super 3’s digital instruments, cast aluminum pods in the dash, and all switchgear in the cockpit are designed to be waterproof and capable of withstanding the water pressure from a jet wash. The Morgan Super 3 starts production in April, with the first cars scheduled to arrive in the United States by fall 2022. Morgan offers more than 200 available options ranging from exterior and interior colors to optional accessories to personalize their modern three-wheeler.

Morgan recently celebrated its 60th-anniversary win at Le Mans with the 2022 Morgan Plus Four LM62.

Morgan Super 3

$ 46,800+
  • Engine: 1.5-liter four-cylinder
  • Max Power: 118-hp
  • Max Torque: 110 lb.-ft
  • Top Speed: 130 mph