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Segway Dirt eBike

Segway – Yes, that Segway – Has Built a Lightweight Electric Dirt Bike

An aluminum, waterproof, electric dirt bike that can ride up 45 degree inclines and hit 45 mph top speeds.

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$ 3,500+

Segway, the company synonymous with downtown city tours and movies about mall security guards, has built an electric dirt bike. And the Segway dirt e-bike X160 offers impressive performance figures. It weighs just 108 pounds and can travel zero to 31 mph in four seconds and reach a 46.6 mph top speed. The e-bike X160 delivers a max range of 74.6 miles, on a single charge, and is capable of riding up 45 degree uphill inclines using 184.3 pound-feet of torque. An electric motor means this is a dirt-bike with instant torque. There is also a bigger X260 model that offers similar performance but with a curb weight of 121 pounds.

A useful feature is that the X160 has swappable battery packs. The Segway dirt e-bike can fully charge its battery in four hours. The frame is made of aluminum alloy with heat dissipation and is IP 67 grade waterproof. Buyers can choose from four different color options when ordering an X160 electric dirt bike from Segway. There is also an app available with this dirt e-bike to manage battery life and record performance statics.