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Nmoto Golden Age

Nmoto Golden Age Body Kit Turns Any BMW C 400X Scooter Into An Art Deco Commuter

Everything old eventually becomes new again.

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$ 12.490+

If you currently own a BMW C 400X scooter and feel like treating yourself to something new without signing a lease on a new bike, you’re in luck. Nmoto has released a kit to turn the BMW C 400X scooter into an art deco sculpted throwback to pre-war era motoring. It is called the Nmoto Golden Age, which takes inspiration from the 1934 BMW R7 Prototype. This retro-fresh design is available as a kit or complete bike already assembled. The Golden Age is made up of nine separate carbon fiber body panels that transform the C 400X scooter into a functional work of art featuring air streamed curved fenders, a kidney grille, and a diamond-stitched leather saddle. In addition, the kit includes all the necessary parts to convert the BMW scooter into the Nmoto Golden Age.

The kit features everything you need like powder-coated front and rear subframes, hardware to relocate the exhaust system, new turn signal housing, and a valuable set of instructions. The conversion process is slightly more complicated than simply bolting on a body panel. Nevertheless, the finished results speak for themselves. Underneath the eye-catching bodywork is a 350cc engine producing 35-hp to move the 425-pound mid-sized scooter. The saddle offers under the seat storage to carry two riding helmets. Moreover, standard features on the BMW C 400X include ABS, traction control, heated seat and grips, Brembo brakes, and Bluetooth connectivity. Currently, BMW does not sell the C 400X new in the U.S., so if you want a Nmoto Golden Age scooter, you may need to search in the used and pre-owned market.

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Nmoto Golden Age

Nmoto Golden Age

$ 12.490+
  • Engine: 350cc
  • Max Power: 35-hp
  • Curb Weight: 425 lbs.