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Period Correct x Super 73

Period Correct Uses The BMW Alpina B9 To Create A Special Edition Super73-S1 e-Bike

This is a limited-edition variant of a Super73-S1 e-bike.

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$ 3,000

Electric bicycle manufacturer Super73 has collaborated with Period Correct and released a limited-edition variant of a Super73-S1 e-bike. Period Correct is a clothing brand that caters to the automotive and motorsport community. The Super73 Period Correct e-bike is based on the S1 electric bicycle featuring bespoke details. Each model is given a custom deep-blue paint job. The seat is upholstered in blue and green using durable fabric. In addition, the Period Correct Super73-S1 e-bike features Northshore lock-on grips from Lizard Skins and rascal pedals from Origin8. The finishing touch on the Super73-S1 is the Period Correct silver logo on the e-bike’s battery casing.

The Super73-S1 e-bike uses a removable 768 watt-hour battery to power a brushless DC hub motor. It can be charged using a 110v outlet. The Super73-S1 offers riders options to extend the bike’s battery range while using pedal assist modes. For example, in ECO pedal-assist mode, the S1 e-bike can travel at 20 mph for over 35 miles of range. Standard features on a Super73-S1 e-bike include hydraulic brakes, LED headlight and brake light, and a rear cargo rack. The Period Correct Super73-S1 is a special-edition model limited to only 15 units. These bespoke e-bikes are sold exclusively by Period Correct. Graciously, Super73 offers a wide variety of e-bikes with a series of color options for buyers.

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Period Correct x Super 73-S1

$ 3,000
  • Battery: 768 watt-hour
  • Weight: 70 lbs.
  • Range: 35
  • Top Speed: 20mph