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Offset OFR–M1

Offset OFR-M1 e-Bike Lets You Travel Off-Road At 80 MPH

OFR-M1 is built for all terrains except public roads.

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Offset Motorcycles has introduced an off-road variant of its urban e-bike, the OPD-M1. This new rugged e-bike is dubbed the Offset OFR-M1 and features a simplistic, dirt bike-inspired design that keeps the weight low and the performance high. The Offset OFR-M1 tips the scales at 253 pounds and offers an estimated 90 minutes of all-terrain riding. In addition, Offset claims the e-bike will charge 85 percent of its battery life after three hours. Its 6.2-kWh battery pack produces 33.5-hp and 59 lb.-ft of torque capable of pushing the OFR-M1 from zero to 60 in 4.5 seconds and has a top speed of 80 mph. Of course, the main selling point for having an electric off-road motorcycle is exploring nature without causing carbon or sound pollution.

Under the seat, the Offset OFR-M1 features spoke wheels wrapped in all-terrain tires. Its suspension consists of mono-shocks in the rear and USD forks at the front. Power is transferred to the wheels via a chain drive and stops using wave brake rotors. Unfortunately, this badass electric dirt bike is not street legal. For this reason, Offset offers the OPD-M1, a dual-purpose e-bike that is suitable for street use while not requiring a license. Pre-orders for the Offset OFR-M1 will open in early 2022, and the OPD-M1 will be offered shortly after.

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Offset OFR–M1

Offset OFR–M1

  • Battery: 6.2-kWh
  • Max Power: 33.5-hp
  • Max Torque: 59 lb.-ft
  • Top Speed: 80 mph