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The XION CyberX e-Bike Is A Rave On Wheels

Shine bright night or day over multiple terrains with the customizable XION CyberX e-bike.

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$ 3,699+

Owning an e-bike that stands out in traffic is essential for safety. One needs to be sure that pedestrians and vehicles can see you sharing the road. The latest off-road-capable e-bike on the market is called the CyberX by XION and takes being noticed to the next level. This e-bike is hard to miss thanks to its LED lighting and laser-printed side panels. The CyberX is a rave concert on wheels with room for two.  It looks like a battle recon scooter from the near future where wars are fought with lasers instead of bullets. The XION CyberX can reach zero to 30 mph in four seconds thanks to a powerful 72V battery sending juice to a 750-Watt Mid-Drive motor. The top speed on a CyberX e-bike is 50 mph, and it can cruise for an estimated range of 100 miles (with pedal assist). And because it uses big fat off-road tires, the CyberX can perform equally on the street or dirt. It features a full suspension, hydraulic brakes, and a steel frame to handle the terrain.

The vinyl seat is extra long for a passenger to sit. Charging is done through a five amp charger, optional 10 amp, and takes about six hours to charge fully. Because this is an electric bicycle, the XION CyberX does not have a clutch, gears, or requires a license to operate. XION is currently taking orders for the CyberX on Indiegogo and offers several customization and trim levels options.

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