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Indian eFTR Jr

Indian Motorcycle’s eFTR Jr. Is An eBike Designed For Young Riders

Start them young with the Indian eFTR Jr. and electric motorcycle suitable for ages 8 and up.

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They say it’s never too late to learn how to ride a motorcycle, but what about too early? Indian Motorcycles has debuted the Indian eFTR Jr. A miniature electric motorcycle meant to introduce young riders to life on two wheels. This mini-bike is suitable for children eight years or older and has a max-payload of 175 pounds. The eFTR Jr design draws inspiration from the championship-winning FTR750 Indian motorcycle.

Features on this electric Indian bike includes a twist-grip throttle – just like the grownup version. The front suspension uses a double-crown fork, and mono shocks make up the rear suspension. Both front and rear wheels are fitted with disc brakes for better stopping power. The bike itself weighs 110 pounds to allow kids to get comfortable with a motorcycle’s weight at speeds up to 10 mph. Its battery pack delivers a run time of up to 140 minutes in its low setting and 65 minutes when set to high. Indian Motorcycles labels the eFTR Jr’s high-mode setting suitable for riders ages 13 and up as the instant torque performance might be too much for young first-time riders. Best of all, the eFTR Jr is quiet so kids can ride around all day, making less noise than the neighbor’s oversized wind chimes.