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Super73’s Latest e-Bike Is The ZX, An Urban Rider Capable Of Over 50 Miles Of Range

This urban street e-bike is good for 28 mph with room for two.

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$ 1,995

Netherlands-based lifestyle brand Super73 is offering a new addition to its e-Bike Z-series called the ZX. Super73 claims this is its most comfortable bike to date, now with room for two. It is constructed out of a lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum frame featuring a redesigned seat, improved ergonomics, and a larger removable battery. The 650-wh battery is mated to a new motor capable of producing 1350-watts at peak power. Super73 estimated the ZX could provide over 30 miles of range at 20 mph using the throttle only. However, if riders use the Super73-ZX eco pedal-assist mode, the range is bumped up to 50 miles.

The Super73-ZX is legal to ride on bike paths and public roads without requiring a license. Riders get to enjoy the redesigned extended seat with adjustable handlebars designed for an upright riding position. This little electric bike has a curb weight of 62.6-pounds and has a max weight limit of 325 pounds. Super73-ZX offers an advanced drive system with multi-class ride modes. The standard pre-program is Class-2, allowing for speeds up to 20 mph. Class-3 riding mode increases the speed to 28 mph using pedal-assist only. The highest setting is called Unlimited Mode and uses the throttle to reach 28 mph. This urban e-bike comes fitted with LZRD tires measuring 4.5-inches wide designed for cornering grip on the street. The Super73-ZX may look small, but it is mighty.

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$ 1,995
  • Max Power: 1350-watts
  • Max Speed: 28 mpg
  • Max Range: 50 miles
  • Curb Weight: 62.6 pounds