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Zero Motorcycles FXE

New Zero FXE Electric Motorcycle Achieves 100 Miles Of Range In The City

A lightweight, fast accelerating electric motorcycle for zipping through city traffic.

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$ 11,795

Zero Motorcycles has unveiled a new electric variant to its model range. The Zero FXE is a lightweight urban cruiser with plenty of instant torque to zig-zag through traffic. It uses a 7.2-kWh lithium-ion battery to power a brushless motor producing 46-hp and 78 lb.-ft of torque to propel riders to a top speed of 85 mph. It has a curb-weight of 298-pounds. Zero Motorcycles breaks down the range on the FXE depending on speed and road conditions. For example, traveling in the city provides an estimated range of 100 miles. Riding in both city and on the highway (traveling at 55 mph) offers a range of 75 miles.

If you plan to charge the Zero FXE with a standard power outlet, expect to wait about 10 hours for a full charge. However, if you use a Zero accessory charger, the wait time is cut down to around four hours for a full battery charge. Once fully charged, riders will be able to enjoy the FXE electric motorcycle’s nimble agility and satisfying electric acceleration. In addition, the bike is fitted with a 5-inch color screen providing riders with vital gauge information and can connect to Zero’s mobile app to manage the FXE ride modes and settings. The Zero FXE is currently available for purchase and priced competitively with a starting MSRP under $12k and a quick charger accessory for $600.

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Zero Motorcycles FXE

Zero Motorcycles FXE

$ 11,795
  • Max Range (city): 100 miles
  • Max Power: 46-hp
  • Max Torque: 78 lb.-ft
  • Top Speed: 85 mph