2020 Tarform Luna Founder Edition

Tarform Launches The Retro Styled 3D Printed Electric Motorcycles With The Luna Founder Edition

Tarform will build 54 Founder Editions of their Luna electric motorcycle, each handbuilt using recycled materials and 3D printing technology.

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$ 24,000+

Tarform started making digital headlines late in 2019 when they introduced their electric motorcycle. What made these e-motorcycles stand out was the fact that they are hand built using 3D printed parts. Taras Kravtchouk, the founder, has a specific message that drives these motorcycles. He wanted to build an environmentally conscious motorcycle that still retained the bond between man and machine in the pursuit of freedom. Kravtchouk’s mission was to create an e-bike that brings the spirit of vintage motorcycles with alternative forms of sustainable transport into a single frame. The body panels are 3D printed from recyclable materials. What really caught our attention was that Kravtvhouk built these motorcycles to last and be passed down. Plans to incorporate AI technology are also in the works to turn these retro 3D motorcycles into smart bikes.

Last year Tarform announced that their first batch of street legal electric motorcycles would be debuted for sale in summer 2020. Well, the time has come. Tarform is going to release 54 special edition examples called the Tarform Luna Founder Edition. These hand built electric motorcycles are assembled in Brooklyn, New York. After June 25th, Tarform will launch their new website and begin taking pre-orders for 2021 deliveries. Pricing starts at $24k with room for customization and requires a (refundable) $500 reservation fee.