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VanMoof S3

An Understated New E-Bike From VanMoof

The whisper-quiet VanMoof S3 uses a front-hub motor that peaks at 500W to power the pedal-assisted bike at speeds of nearly 20 mph.

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$ 1,998

Quiet, powerful, and adverse to thievery, the VanMoof S3 is an upgrade from the maker’s previous S2 generation. To make the pot even sweeter, the S3 costs less than its predecessor too. Weighing in at 42 pounds, this pedal-assist electric bike shifts among its four gears smoothly and silently with the new electronic shifter. Even with the bike’s motor off, the electric e-shifter makes it easy to ride until you reach a charger. 

With a range of up to 37 miles when riding at full power or 93 miles when in economy mode, the nearly-silent front-hub motor provides 250W to 350W of continuous power with 500W at its peak. The motor even remains whisper-quiet when it’s approaching its top speed of nearly 20 mph. The 36V 4A charger is more compact and is fully charged in four hours. Given how desirable VanMoof has made the S3, it has included a theft defense system that utilizes onboard alarms and smart location tracking to keep the bike safe and sound.