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CrownCruiser Carbon Fiber e-Bike

British Racing Inspired CrownCruiser Carbon Fiber e-Bike Offers 100 Miles Of Range With A Lifetime Warranty

An All-Rounder e-Bike with a top speed of 31 mph.

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$ 3,150+

In today’s market, e-bikes come in more flavors than ice cream. But CrownCrusier Motors wants to offer its customers the e-bike that tops them all. Various aerospace, sustainable energy, and motorsport industry experts helped inspire the design of the Crowncrusier Carbon Fiber e-Bike. It looks like a cyber-punk retro café racer to channel the spirit of British racing history. Press photos show an e-cruiser with carbon fiber rim covers, which are optional. Buyers can also customize their e-cruiser from an array of colors and unique three skin designs.

The retro-futuristic vibe is only the tip of this e-bike’s iceberg of coolness. CrownCruiser e-bikes use a Gates Carbon belt setup to drive the wheels during pedal assist. Models sold in the UK and EU will be powered by a brushless 250-W DC motor capable of providing up to 15.5 mph of pedal assist. The e-bike will feature a more powerful 750-W motor allowing for a pedal-assist top speed of 31 mph for the US market. According to CrownCruiser, the e-bike offers an estimated 100 miles of range of pedal-assist per charge.

The bike’s suspension by RockShox allows the e-bike to be used in the street and off the beaten path. In addition, the carbon fiber frame keeps the e-bike’s weight down without sacrificing durability. This e-bike weighs 55 pounds with batteries and holds a max carrying capacity of 330 pounds. The CrownCruiser e-bike is reported to have a series of smart-tech features like ride recognition anti-theft defenses, GPS tracking, Bluetooth, and gyro that can detect falls or impacts and send alerts to a designated emergency contact. The cherry on top is CrownCruiser’s lifetime warranty. Pricing is also competitive compared to other carbon fiber electric bicycles. The CrownCruiser e-bike is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, with shipment anticipated in November 2021.

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CrownCruiser Carbon Fiber e-Bike

CrownCruiser Carbon Fiber e-Bike

$ 3,150+
  • Motor: 750-W (US Market)
  • Max Range: 100 miles
  • Top Speed: 31 mph
  • Curb Weight: 55 lbs.