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Superstrata Bike

Superstrata Creates World’s First 3D Printed Unibody Carbon Fiber Bicycle

A first in ultra-light weight bicycle manufacturing, the Superstrata Terra weighs less than three pounds and is stronger than steel.

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$ 1,299+

In the world of two-wheel transportation, a product needs to have a hook to stand out from the pack. Superstrate bikes have a particularly innovative hook by being the first world’s first custom 3D-printed uni-body carbon fiber bike. 

Named the Terra, a bicycle frame is manufactured in a single pass through a 3D printer using thermoplastic carbon fiber composites, creating an ultra-lightweight with a strength to weight ratio 61 times stronger than steel. Superstrate claims the Terra weighs less than three pounds (1.3kg). Superstrata designed the Terra to be an all-rounder bicycle durable enough for the city, cross country, and all-terrain use.

Superstrata also offers the Ion, an electric-bicycle variant of the Terra providing 60 miles of range, a top speed of 20 mph, and only a two hour charge time. Superstrata bikes’ most luxurious quality is providing customers with up to 18 different measurements, multiple custom options, and colors for a tailored-fit to each buyer. Superstrata started an Indiegogo campaign to fundraise and, at the time of this article, has successfully met their goal, and then some. People can now reserve their very own Terra or Ion e-bike.