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Orbea Occam SL & Occam LT

Introducing The Orbea Occam SL & Occam LT To The Brand’s Mountain Bike Lineup

Orbea gives you the option to build your dream trail bike.

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Spain-based bicycle manufacturer Orbea introduced two new versions of its Occam model, the Occam SL & Occam LT. These new variants of the Orbea Occam trial mountain bike are built using similar components but provide a split personality in terms of performance. 

The Orbea Occam SL is focused on pedaling efficiency, featuring a remote lockout for riders looking to sprint on smoother sections of a trail. The Occam LT is designed with ruggedness in mind, with a slack head angle and additional suspension travel.

The Orbea Occam SL & Occam LT include in-frame storage and a compact multi-tool that fits inside the rocker link pivot and is held in place by a magnet. Additionally, you can order the SL or LT with either a carbon or aluminum frame. The Occam SL provides 140mm of suspension travel compared to the 150mm in the LT, with identical front triangles, swingarms, and 29-inch wheels.

The main difference in personality between the two bike frames comes down to its shock extenders. The Occam LT features an ‘Altitude Adjust Flipchip’, to push harder during trail descents.

Moreover, Orbea provides buyers the option of various build kits to customize their bikes using the MyO program—choices for customization range from tire casings to suspension components. These options and variants give riders the unique experience of building their dream Orbea trail bike online.

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